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FX has for the last ten years had plenty to cheer about during its days at the Summer and Winter Television Critics Association tours. Ever since it premiered its first scripted drama series, "The Shield," in 2002, the network has had something good to say about its growth and ratings and even its ability to win awards. ("Shield" star Michael Chiklis won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his performance in season one.)

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Media agencies have failed to convince the mass of clients of the value of planning. This matters as planning is essential (all agree), and so it has to be paid for somehow. And that’s where we move into the world of kick-backs, rebates, and more recently digital deviousness. If anyone doubts the evolution of the old model then a look through the holding companies’ public statements is instructive. This good piece from ID Comms quotes from the 2013 WPP Annual Report: “The Group receives volume rebates from certain suppliers for transactions entered into on behalf of clients.” It may not be new, but it’s now official.

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Nielsen's TV audience measurement system has proven itself invulnerable to competition for the better part of a century. What has changed today that makes competition more likely? Fundamentally, Nielsen itself has changed. Those changes were discussed in Part II .

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There's a big, gaping hole in the way we look at marketing and media. Not only throughout the years before the Internet came along, but even today with all the technological advances and access to big data we still are missing lots of answers. Just "big data" is not the answer. It really depends on what you do with it. And what you must do with it is provide deeper insights before the marketing process begins.

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