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MyersBizNet is a social community and business-to-business intelligence publisher serving media, marketing, advertising and entertainment professionals. Our purpose is to increase the revenues and profitability of our member companies and to enhance the professional experience of all their team members.

MyersBizNet members receive extensive proprietary b-to-b marketing intelligence and support services and have access to all MyersBizNet resources and activities, including MediaVillage.com, Jack Myers TomorrowToday Reports, MediaBizBloggers, WomenAdvancing, First 5 and TheFutureofMen industry parties and events.

For more than three decades, MyersBizNet has been an industry leader in providing visionary trend analyses, economic forecasting, market intelligence and relationship development for marketers, media companies, agencies and the investment community. MyersBizNet Economic Data and Forecasts of marketing and media expenditures have been rated the industry's most accurate.

MyersBizNet regularly reports on media company value and sales organization performance which has been the industry standard since 1986. Leading with WomenAdvancing (www.womenadvancing.org) and MediaVillage (www.mediavillage.com), MyersBizNet engages its members in social networks, events and conferences and provides members with custom business-to- business networking and career development resources.

More than 200 companies are members of the MyersBizNet, underwriting MediaVillage.com, Jack Myers TomorrowToday,Wall St. Speaks Out Report, MediaBizBloggers, Leaders & Legends, First 5, WomenAdvancing, and TheFutureofMen.

MyersBizNet corporate membership is available to your full executive team and staff.


MyersBizNet provides the following services within your membership agreement. With your support and engagement, MyersBizNet agrees to:

• assign a MyersBizNet account manager/native content editor to collaborate with your team and serve as your primary liaison with MyersBizNet and MediaVillage;

• establish your native content platform at MediaVillage, working with the your organization to guarantee a minimum of 12 focused and targeted annual thought-leadership commentaries, profiles, research reports and case studies about and/or by your team and divisions, designed and targeted to measurably enhance awareness and positive perceptions of your company’s offerings within the agency and client community;

o your platform at MediaVillage can feature a single or multiple executives, and MyersBizNet will actively promote your content to the ad community via advertising within our platforms, e-mail, and additional marketing;

• publish selected and curated content that you provide at MediaVillage;

• collaborate with you to publish and distribute a minimum of one annual branded white paper;

• prepare and publish at least one annual profile of your executive at MediaVillage, one profile to the WomenAdvancing community, one profile targeted to the 1stFive (Millennial) community, and one profile targeted to the Legends & Leaders community;

• provide explicit recommendations for enhancing your strategic and tactical communications and revenue-generating initiatives through MyersBizNet resources;

• communicate your team marketing communications messages through regular targeted and relevant social media support;

• include your organization in the annual MyersBizNet advertiser/agency perceptions surveys, providing your team with detailed insights perceptions of the data, value and organizational performance of your team and key competitors;

• include Jack Myers personally in a presentation/strategic session with your team executives and/or clients;

• deliver in-depth analytics and market insights based on our proprietary research among advertiser and agency executives to guide your marketing communications, sales, research and talent development decisions;

• deliver regular proprietary economic updates on advertising and marketing spending;

• deliver weekly members-only TomorrowToday market insights and intelligence to your team members;

• deliver MediaVillage daily content (MediaBizBloggers, PlanetEd, Wall St. Speaks Out, Lunch at Michael’s) to your team members, including an introductory opt-out e-mail;

• Invite your selected team members to selected MediaVillage events, including WomenAdvancing, 1stFive, Legends & Leaders, Media All-Stars, FutureofMen;

• enable your team to host events, webinars and other targeted programs and parties in association with MediaVillage (incremental costs), including events focused on enhancing the brand equity of your company;

• provide detailed databases of marketers (clients) to enable your team to better target personal sales and marketing outreach (incremental costs through a MediaVillage partner);

• provide enhanced and customized TV sales training programs to your team members (incremental costs through a MediaVillage partner).

Fot more information contact Maryann Teller (Maryann@MyersBizNet.com)

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MediaBizBuzz: Disney, Omnicom, CBS, Nielsen and Gannett
MediaBizBuzz is a roundup of the week's key news from MediaVillage member companies and the wider media industry. This week, the financial reporting season continues with mixed results from Disney and Time Warner, optimism from Omnicom and Nielsen, and Upfront predictions from CBS. Plus more about how Vice plans to shake up the TV business and Gannett’s reported plans to puts its newspaper delivery trucks to good use.

Nielsen: New Activities Show Progress -- Pivotal Research
Nielsen reported 4Q15 results that were consistent with expectations of mid-single digit growth for the quarter and the year. Constant currency growth was +5.6% for the quarter, with Watch up +5.2% and Buy up +5.9%, both on constant currency bases. For the full year, Watch was up +4.9% while Buy was +5.0%. Inside of Watch, Audience Measurement of video and text was up +7.6% in constant currency terms. Growth in the Watch segment was aided by the consolidation of Nielsen Catalina Systems and acquisition of eXelate. Other Watch businesses (especially the former Arbitron) were down in the quarter. In Buy emerging markets were strong at +8.4%, while developed markets were up by +4.8%, both in constant currency terms.

Mindshare: Facebook's Secret Chess Moves
This week on Mindshare’s Culture Vulture Live, Kyle Ranally looks at Easter eggs and hidden culture.

Access Confidential Twitter Tips for February
Whether you’re pitching new business or retaining current business, Lisa Colantuono’s tips below offer an easy-to-follow guide applicable for both agencies and media companies alike.

Eric Steinert of Adspace Networks on Capturing Consumers at the Point of Sale
Eric Steinert, CRO of Adspace Networks, has always been in the out of home marketing and advertising sales space. From college he joined the sales training program at News America Marketing selling print space to packaged goods clients and gaining experience with retail signage before joining MasterCard. From there he moved to Adspace Networks and helped to build a massive video network with the nation’s top mall developers. According to Steinert, “The moment of truth [to make consumer buying decisions] is in the common area of the mall. We reach the consumer when they are in a shopping frame of mind and cannot skip the ads.”

ANA: Content Marketing is Heating Up. But Don’t Burn Out!
Creating and publishing emotional, engaging content continues to be one of the hottest trends for marketers going into 2016. The ANA’s Ask-the-Expert research team has received a steady stream of questions about content marketing over the last five years.

The Future of National Television, Addressables, Content Creation: Part 4
One might say that the initial impact of the Internet and the World Wide Web were to devalue content, e.g. news, and that would be a true statement. For the years right before the bubble burst on the naïve expectations of the '90s, my companies and I were warning clients that the math didn’t work, and that the main impact of digital was going to be price wars and lower margins, not only in content but in all product categories. This turned out to be the case.

KCRW: A Destination for Discovery
The radio industry recently touted stats from Nielsen’s Music 360 report about the dominance of radio as a music discovery source versus the big streaming services to the surprise (and delight) of some. While on-demand audio track streams have doubled in a year, people listing AM/FM radio as their destination for new music actually rose 7%. Yay radio. But it takes a diligent radio station to be all things to all music lovers given increasingly easy access to platform choices.  The paragon of multi-platform audio meets music discovery source?  Santa Monica College-owned KCRW.

Final Review: MediaVillage Team Coverage of Super Bowl Sunday
A Note from Jack Myers: The editorial team at MediaVillage this year brought a fresh perspective to our annual coverage of the Super Bowl telecast. Last week, veteran media columnist Stuart Elliott sized up the competition between long-time Super Bowl advertisers and newcomers, while Charlotte Lipman revealed how fantasy football has given young women a new appreciation of the sport -- especially the Super Bowl. This week, Stuart offered his signature distinctive commentary about the commercials, while Charlotte reported on the Super Bowl from an entirely new perspective, focusing on ads that ran during competing programs on other networks. Meanwhile, Connor Zickgraf explained how the depiction of gender roles in commercials changed from Super Bowl XLIX to SBL; Kristi Faulkner exposed the absence of brand stories in most Super Bowl commercials, and Ed Martin weighed in on the telecast’s biggest surprise: CBS’ official announcement that this would be the last season for its long-running blue-chip drama “The Good Wife,” which made almost as much news as the commercials themselves. Scroll down for links that will take you directly to all of the columns mentioned here.

Hot from Hulu: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Takes on P.C. Millennials
Warning: Politically correct or overly sensitive young people should be careful watching this video, as their heads might explode. It's from the hilarious Hulu and Funny or Die series "Triumph's Election Special 2016," in which the infamous dog with no filters has been reporting on the presidential primary in New Hampshire. He's hit his targets hard, especially Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. But he saved his most poisonous exchange for a group of college students at the University of New Hampshire. It may not be the funniest thing ever, but it's close.

Forward Thinking: How to Get a Seat on the Board
For many, serving on a company board would be the pinnacle of a career. It’s a lofty long-term goal, but if you actively build the skills needed for board seat throughout your career, you’ll be better positioned for opportunities to present themselves later.

Donald Trump’s Ten Brand Secrets -- Revealed!
And… From stodgy magazine to multimedia juggernaut – how "The New Yorker" did it.

A Possible New Path for Newspaper
For the better part of their storied history, IBM focused all of its energies against selling hardware. And for a good long time that’s all that was required as they were the only game in town. In the 1980’s that began to change. Competitive pressure on the personal computing front forced them to begin to cut distribution deals with national retailers -- a decision that would have at one time been considered heresy. Ensuing pricing pressure would force IBM to ultimately sell off their personal divisions and reconsider their overall go-to-market strategy.

Pivotal Research’s Brian Wieser on Ad Technology and 2016 Trends
Jay Sears, Senior Vice President Marketplace Development of Rubicon Project discusses ad technology and 2016 trends with Pivotal Research’s Senior Analyst Brian Wieser.

Attention Award Shows: Live TV Musicals are Not Movies!
NBC did a sensational job with “The Wiz Live!” two months ago, by far the best of its live Broadway musical adaptations. Wonderful cast from top to bottom, dynamite direction and choreography and, despite not having a live audience in the studio to make the live performance more electric (the only major flaw, especially in the wake of “Grease Live!” on Fox), a triumph for all involved.

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