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Research Reports from Jack Myers Media Business Reports

How Will Microsoft's Management Shifts Impact Advertisers? (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (02/12/2014)

With the departure of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and the ascension of 22 year-company veteran Satya Nadella, advertisers and agencies can be hopeful that Microsoft will focus more on building Satya+Nadellaexpanded services and support for marketers. (Scroll down for details on current perceptions of Microsoft Advertising in the ad community.)

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Advertisers Rate Their Most Valuable Entertainment TV Networks (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (02/04/2014)

MyersBizNet asked 300 advertiser and agency decisions to rate 35 specialty entertainment cable networks and eight broadcast networks based on "Value for the Investment." The top 20 network sales organizations are ranked below.

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Viacom, Scripps & Turner Focus on Integrated Marketing; Viacom Doubles Down on Investment - (Members-Ony Report)
By: Jack Myers   (01/27/2014)

In a new study of 300 advertiser and agency executives on their perceptions of the marketing and promotional integration opportunities offered by specialty entertainment TV networks, Viacom Media Networks' three sales groups rank first, second and seventh, and last week the company announced Viacom Velocity, an expanded investment in integrated marketing and branded content development. Jeff Lucas, VMN's Head of Sales for Music and Entertainment, commented to MyersBizNet: "We need to rise above the [media] clutter and differentiate ourselves – and do it quickly. The business is at a tipping point – so much is happening at once. We have to stand out and deliver the most value for the dollar, so we're taking integrated marketing to a new level in a comprehensive industry initiative."

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Magazine Publishers Gaining Traction in Digital, Say Ad Execs (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (12/16/2013)

Leading general interest and women’s magazine companies have established a strong beachhead in the digital advertising business, according to the new MyersBizNet Advertiser Satisfaction Study. Leading the group is Hearst Magazine Interactive, which was rated positively (4/5 on a 5 point scale) by 77% of respondents to the MyersBizNet Study.

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Top 20 Digital Native Sales Organizations: Google, Dstillery, Martini, AOL, Amazon Top List (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (12/09/2013)

Among 42 leading "Digital Native" company sales organizations, Google has the highest rated "Quality Sales Team and Customer Service" in a MyersBizNet survey of 300 advertiser and agency executives. While Google has had a dominant presence in the ad community for years, generating both positive and negative sentiment, the ad sales team is rated as a market leader (4/5 on a 5 point scale) by more than 90% of all those with whom it does business.

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Blip, BlogHer, YouTube and Federated: Most Innovative Digital Companies (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (12/02/2013)

BlogHer and Blip.tv achieve unprecedented unanimous outstanding performance ratings for "Innovation and Market Leadership" among digital agency executives in the recently released MyersBizNet Media Satisfaction Survey. Among 28 "digital native" companies that were included in the survey and had a sufficient respondent base among digital agency respondents,

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Netflix to Accept Ads by 2016 Say Ad Execs (Plus More Members-Only Survey Results)
By: Jack Myers   (11/25/2013)

Advertising executives anticipate that Netflix will be offering advertising sponsorships and availabilities within the next two-to-three years, according to a new survey conducted by MyersBizNet in association with Vision Critical and MediaVillage. Thirty-one percent of respondents to the 300-person survey believe Netflix will add advertising before the second season of the new Arrested Development series, scheduled to be offered by the streaming service in 2014.

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Amazon is Amazing, Say Madison Avenue Execs; Tremors at Tremor
By: Jack Myers   (11/18/2013)

Full MyersBizNet Media Satisfaction Survey results and methodology are available to MyersBizNet premium subscribers.

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Top 30 Digital Media Sales Organizations
By: Jack Myers   (11/12/2013)

Google was once again named the top digital media company in a survey of 600 advertiser and agency executives who evaluated 71 general market and entertainment legacy media and digital native organizations on four measurement criteria. Forbes topped the rankings among legacy media companies, followed closely by Hearst Magazines and Wall St. Journal.

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TV Advertisers Loving Hulu, says New Survey
By: Jack Myers   (10/28/2013)

As new CEO Mike Hopkins takes over the reins at Hulu, he inherits a healthy enterprise that is being positively embraced by Madison Avenue, even as its future industry role and value are questioned. Hopkins is facing intensifying competitive challenges as Netflix, Amazon, Intel, LG, Samsung, DirecTV, Apple, Google, cable operators, Aereo, Roku, Walmart and emerging video players' ramp up both their original content investments and streaming/live and library resources. On the advertising front, Hopkins confronts an industry in which inventory supply will outpace demand by a two to one ratio, with marketers pushing a more-than-willing agency community to accelerate programmatic and automated media buying.

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