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Kik Messenger: Greatest App You Never Heard Of (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (04/21/2014)

A hundred million users already know what Kik is. Do you? Kik Messenger is similar to BlackBerry's Messenger and iPhone's iMessage. Unlike other applications that serve both computers and smartphones, Kik Messenger is an instant messaging system made just for mobile users. Most iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems offer the Kik Messenger application free. Kik Messenger sports some attractive features, such as ad-free messaging across different operating systems, no messaging fees, customizable notification options, and offline messages.

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Oculus Rift : You Read about It Here First - and Why Glyph May be Even Bigger
By: Jack Myers   (04/16/2014)

Last July, MyersBizNet Media Business Report corporate members learned about Oculus Rift, which made the news recently when Facebook acquired the company and its immersive virtual reality technology for $2 billion. Members of MyersBizNet learn early about emerging technologies and tech companies that will impact media and marketing. In February, just a few weeks before the Oculus Rift acquisition, we suggested that members pay close attention to the virtual reality and virtual video space, focusing our attention on Glyph, a Kickstarter project that we believe could be even more important as a marketing and content distribution advance than Oculus Rift. We're re-publishing both reports below. Read the weekly MyersBizNet Media Business Report for our regular first-look advisories on new media technologies and tech companies to watch.

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C7 and Change at the Upfronts - Brian Weiser-Pivotal Research (Members-Only Report)
By: Brian Wieser   (04/14/2014)

As the broadcast network upfront season is now well under-way by virtue of the cable network presentations which have been made in recent weeks, investor minds (and much of the advertising community) will increasingly focus on the outcomes of negotiations between buyers and sellers. We have written in the past about our "behavioral" model for forecasting pricing, which eschews explicitly "classical" notions that changes in supply and demand can predict a benchmark CPM increase.

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Upfront 2014: Everything Will Change. Nothing Will Change
By: Jack Myers   (04/07/2014)

As the Upfront presentation season blossoms with multiple TV and digital video content presentations each week, the market is experiencing it's most sustained downturn since 2008/2009. Multiple quarters of a soft scatter market have created a case of the jitters at both networks and agencies. (Our preliminary forecasts for volume and CPMs are shared below.)

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Out-of-Home Ad Revenues: Growth Slowed by Agency Positioning (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/31/2014)

MyersBizNet forecasts for Out-of-Home media ad growth are admittedly conservative, and while growth of digital spending on OOH media is robust, it can and should be significantly greater based on increasing digital opportunities, industry innovation, and inventory availability.

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TBS' Phil Kent: Exclusive Exit Interview
By: Jack Myers   (03/26/2014)

As departing Turner Broadcasting Chairman and CEO Phil Kent embarks on his self-described "third sabbatical of his career," few realize the depth and breadth of his contributions to the company he's leaving. Phil has studiously remained "below the radar" for most of his career, which began when he was hired in 1976 as the first male sales assistant in New York media at Blair TV sales reps, at an annual salary of $6,900. I

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Mobile Advertising & Search Forecast: $26B in 2020 (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/24/2014)

Mobile advertising and search investments by marketers are forecast to increase an average 55% annually in 2014 and 2015, and will continue to grow an average 22% annually through 2020, slowing at the end of the decade, according to the MyersBizNet Official Advertising/Marketing Spending Data & Forecast. MyersBizNet tracks and forecasts 52 U.S. media and marketing categories, and has been a leader in economic forecasting since 1986. The full report is available to members at www.myersbiznet.com or by request to maryann@jackmyers.com.

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SoundCloud: YouTube of Audio is a Star at SxSW - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/17/2014)

Out of the primordial ooze that is SxSW, a new rising technology star has emerged. SoundCloud (www.soundcloud.com), a YouTube-like site for audio, recently raised over $60 million primarily from Peter Chernin's Chernin Group and Institutional Venture Partners. With a $700 million valuation (which its founder considers too low) and significant marketing and advertising applications, SoundCloud should be on the radar screen of media companies, marketers and agencies. The Berlin-based company was founded in 2009 and originally funded with. $ 3.3 million by London-based Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures.

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Advertising vs. Below-the-Line Shopper Marketing: The Economics (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/10/2014)

Marketers historically have invested an average 10% to 35% of their total marketing communications budgets to deliver reach and frequency of message exposure designed to drive awareness, product interest and message retention. These budgets are referred to as "above-the-line advertising." The majority 65% to 90% of their budgets, known as below-the-line, are targeted to generating sales and direct return-on-investment through consumer and trade sales promotion and direct marketing.

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Sonic Notify and Apple's iBeacons are the Future of Mobile Marketing - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/03/2014)

Location-sensitive transmitters -- called "beacons" -- can send targeted advertising messages to smartphones and mobile devices based on their precise indoor location (for example, in the cereal aisle of a super market or the jeans department of a clothing store). Beacons are a reality and represent the future of shopper marketing, but they may also cause a big headache (see more about this below). Beacons are just one more technological advance in mobile and out-of-home communications that marketers, retailers, agencies and media sellers need to understand and build into their business models.

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