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Soft Scatter Will Continue; TV $$ Moving to Digital and Programmatic - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (11/17/2014)

Sixty-three percent of corporate marketing executives with responsibility for television advertising budgets say they anticipate their scatter television advertising budgets in the next six months will be flat or less than last year, according to a new survey conducted by MyersBizNet. Executives also project significant increases in the shift of budgets from network TV to digital video, and anticipate growing commitments to programmatic/automated media purchasing.

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Procurement Part 3: Media Consolidation is Good (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (11/03/2014)

Media executives have fallen prey to the easy route of blaming procurement for all the industry's current woes. Some of their complaints are well-founded. The reality is, however, that procurement is here to stay and these efficiency experts will gain increasing responsibility for and authority over media and marketing purchases.

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Procurement: Media is More than a Commodity. Part 2 (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (10/27/2014)

As corporate procurement officers gain increasing control over and involvement in the media buying process, the challenges to both agencies and media suppliers confront their traditional relationships and business models.

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Media Guidelines for Procurement Officers: Media is More than a Commodity (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (10/20/2014)

As corporate procurement officers gain increasing control over and involvement in the media buying process, the challenges to both agencies and media suppliers confront their traditional relationships and business models. In this report, I share insights into the realities of media buying to assist procurement teams as they become more integral to their companies' advertising and marketing decision-making.

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Is iHeartMedia Leading the Media and Advertising Industry? (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (10/06/2014)

Two weeks ago, I joined the iHeartMedia team and several hundred marketers and agency executives at the 4th annual iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, an exceptional two-day music and marketing feast. I waited to write my feedback and overview, because to be objective I wanted to let some of the buzz wear off. And while I've come down off the high the iHeart Festival inspired, a new buzz of enthusiasm for the newly–named iHeartMedia has replaced it. While the lead economic story at iHeartMedia continues to be debt and a steep road ahead to achieve challenging growth goals, the company under CEO Bob Pittman has deflected that issue and somehow managed to turn radio into a medium of the future – or at least a media company that is trying to define the future of media.

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MAGNA GLOBAL's New Programmatic Forecasts - By Magna Global
By: Magna Global   (09/29/2014)

Digital media buying is being revolutionized by programmatic buying technologies. Over the 35 countries analyzed by MAGNA GLOBAL, media inventory transacted through programmatic methods will reach $21 billion globally this year (+52% compared to 2013), of which $9.3bn will be transacted through Real-Time Bidding (RTB) methods.

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How Marketers are Measuring Facebook Audiences - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (09/15/2014)

Social media reveals an ever-expanding amount of detail and insights about consumer preferences and attitudes – what they watch, what they buy, who they vote for, and much more. The ongoing online conversations can be informative, but how do marketers and agencies sift through the noise to extract meaningful insight about consumer attitudes?

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High Fashion Wearable Tech Offering New Marketing Opportunities (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (09/10/2014)

With Fashion Week unfolding in New York and Apple unveiling its high-tech and high fashion new products, it's a relevant time to recognize the convergence of media, marketing, mobile technology, commerce and fashion. Kickstarter is home to several high fashion tech advances, including a luxury leather wallet that knows where you left your phone and a colorful bracelet that checks your texts, e-mail and social media. High-tech fashion wearables are big business. In addition to Apple and emerging entrepreneurs with good ideas, Timex, Samsung, Google and Amazon are all racing to deliver smart high fashion wearable devices.

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Digital Video Ad Spend is Over-Estimated (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (09/09/2014)

How much money are advertisers actually investing in digital video media?

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As we all know, words are wind, but sometimes that wind can be very biting. “…We're still doing TV ratings on something more analogous to political polling," says Time Magazine columnist James Poniewozik in a recent Public Radio International interview. Hard truths cut both ways though as the media industry continues to support and rely upon a seemingly flawed system. Nielsen might possibly retort “you know nothing” to such a comment , but as the media and market research industries begin to embrace big data as never before, the entire television ecosystem hinges on approximately twenty-five thousand Nielsen People Meter households whose data generate the incumbent TV currency. The U.S. Census currently places the U.S. household population at over 115 million, which equates to one people meter for every 4,600 U.S. households. A set-top box (STB) sample of 1.5 million households equals a 1:77 STB to U.S. household ratio.

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National Geographic Channel, a network that in recent years has become known for its uncommonly creative publicity and promotion practices, faces just such challenges in the month ahead when it will debut “Eat: The Story of Food,” a three-night, six-hour documentary miniseries beginning Friday, November 21 that should leave sated anyone hungry for fresh information and fascinating historical footnotes about the title subject, and two new ongoing half-hour series, “Eric Greenspan is Hungry,” in which the celebrity chef travels around the country in search of the best meat, poultry and shellfish recipes, and “Chug,” a series in which comedian and TV host Zane Lamprey travels the world sampling the finest cocktails (and some interesting cuisine). “Greenspan” and “Chug” debut on Monday, November 24.

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