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Digital Outliers That Outperform; TubeMogul, Amazon, Yume, Hulu, BrightRoll, Defy
By: Jack Myers   (06/29/2015)

The annual MyersBizNet Survey of Advertiser and Agency Executives on Perceptions of 36 digital media sales organizations uncovers several surprisingly strong performances by companies not typically identified among the industry leaders.

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Google vs. Microsoft: Is There a Battle Brewing?
By: Jack Myers   (06/22/2015)

Google remains the digital media company advertiser and agency executives hate to love, but love them they do, as proven by the company's #1 overall ranking in the recent MyersBizNet TomorrowToday Survey of Advertising Executives on 36 Digital Media Companies.

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Twitter vs. Facebook: Advertisers Weigh In
By: Jack Myers   (06/15/2015)

The decision by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to resign last week after the company failed to meet Wall St. ad revenue forecasts (among other reasons) generated a wave of comparisons by Wall St. analysts between Facebook and Twitter. Facebook remains a Wall St. darling, and rightfully so as the company has successfully built a strong mobile and video ad business while Twitter has struggled to clearly define its ad offerings. MyersBizNet asked 60 advertiser executives* to compare the two companies on several measures of performance and value (along with 34 other digital companies). Here are the results.

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Media Agency Reviews: Billions in Play
By: Jack Myers   (06/15/2015)

To read more about the reviews, check out the following reports at MediaVillage.com

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Welcome to $30 Billion in Media Agency Reviews
By: Jack Myers   (06/08/2015)

Fewer than 100 marketers dominate network television advertising. Many of these marketers are now reviewing their media agency relationships, and many others will announce their reviews in the next several months. The advertising priorities and focus of these 100 companies, and the resources available to fulfill those needs, are undergoing a radical shift, empowered by technology.

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What You Should Know about the MediaVillage
By: Jack Myers   (06/01/2015)

I know you're inundated with e-mails and social media but I hope you've noted the expansion and rebranding of theMyersBizNet Knowledge and Relationship Network.

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Digital Fraud, Procurement and the Newfront (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (05/26/2015)

As media planners and buyers finalize budget allocation with the clients and expand their Upfront negotiations with digital media, how influential are concerns over fraudulent impressions and click-through rates, and how influential are client procurement officers in the digital media buying decision-making process? MyersBizNet asked 350 digital advertiser and media agency executives these questions.

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Upfronts & Newfronts: Who Won the Beauty Contest?
By: Jack Myers   (05/18/2015)

Having just completed my 31st Upfront presentation season, it's easy to be cynical. With 16 presentations and multiple parties during the traditional Upfront Week and more than 70 companies presenting since mid-February (not including multiple press briefings and networks meeting independently with agencies), I can only respect those who invest an aggregate of more than $200 million to influence the decisions of marketers and their agency buyers. The obvious question is: were they influenced and, if so, in what way.

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Upfront: Where’s the Value? (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (05/11/2015)

As Upfront/Newfront presentations and parties wind to a close this week and the deal-makers get down to business, which television companies are best positioned to capture share?

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Procurement-Based Media Pricing will Gain Importance Very Quickly (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (05/04/2015)

This is the fourth in a MyersBizNet exclusive series identifying seven business realities on which media companies, agencies, marketers and content producers must focus to maintain long-term growth and achieve sustainable success. Traditional advertising revenues depend on demand equaling or surpassing supply. For the first time since the early days of television, total media inventory supply, and especially video inventory, will surpass demand for several years – and probably for decades. This creates an inevitability that commoditized media prices will be forced into a downward spiral, accelerated by the growing influence of corporate procurement officers.

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Data, Data Everywhere in the Upfront: An Overview -- Part 5
This is the fifth and final part of a series examining the new data initiatives of major data companies. Parts 1 through 4 outlined the many data initiatives, their scalability, whether their services were gaining traction in the industry and the issue of a standard metric to link systems and platforms. Here, I ask about the role of research in the Era of Data. Is its role changing? Is there a future for research as we know it?

CARPE DIEM: Advertising and the Media
Published on Apr 13, 2015

Broadcast Milestone: A Summer Stunner
It’s the first week of summer, and didja notice? Something rather remarkable happened last night. CBS, NBC and ABC offered three hours of original series programming. Further, Fox’s two hours were filled with original shows and one-half of The CW’s two-hour primetime block was occupied by a brand new episode of a long-running series.

Hard Truths from Universal McCann’s David Cohen
When a senior advertising executive who handles money matters appears at an industry event and speaks his mind in a public forum, as Universal McCann Chief Investment Officer David Cohen did at last week's Online Video Advertising Summit here in New York, everyone should pay attention.

Capturing Your Consumers in the First 5 Seconds
This week, we are celebrating the endless creativity of the advertising and marketing worlds at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. We’re really excited to recognize and revisit this year’s slew of brilliant campaigns on Cannes’ international stage. There are so many great contenders -- the ads that moved people to tears, others that made them laugh and of course those that inspired them to take action.

Video of the Week: Jon Stewart's Quiet Expression of Outrage
Jon Stewart on Thursday night opened his Comedy Central program “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” in serious commentator mode, talking about the mass murder the night before at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

Pride Report: Rainbows Over Madison Avenue May Lead to Pots of Gold
In their never-ending efforts to sell, sell, sell, advertisers long have found inspiration in the calendar, borrowing interest from holidays such as Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween and, of course, Christmas. In recent years, reflecting the increasing diversity of the consumers they seek to reach, advertisers have added Dr. King's Birthday and Cinco de Mayo.

Elon Musk: The Edison/Tesla/Ford of the Digital Age
I have been an admirer, yes, even a fan of Elon Musk ever since I first learned about Tesla Motors ten years ago. I state that because now it seems that Elon Musk is everywhere in the media -- online, magazines, a best-selling biography (which I have purchased but have yet to start) -- simply because he is out to change the world and people are finally taking notice.

Remembering Ralph Roberts
Ralph Roberts was one of the good guys. Along with Bill Daniels, Bill Brazeal, J. C. Sparkman, Irving Kahn and Bill Bresnan he was always ready to lend a guiding hand to those of us who were (in the late 1960s, some years after Ralph bought his first system in Tupelo Mississippi) new to the industry. I remember Ralph with special fondness as he accepted my early long-haired, hippie journalist persona, inviting me (off the record) to join his annual dinner with his top guys, including the late Dan Aaron (who had been the selling negotiator in Tupelo) and the great Julian Brodsky, his financiers and, after a couple dinners, Brian, too. I was privileged to learn a lot that way.

Rehabilitating a Fragile Direct Response TV Ecosystem
“Whenever possible, one should focus on removing fragilizing interdependencies rather than imposing additional structure and activity that will only increase the fragility of the system as a whole.” -- Nassim Taleb, Rupert Read and Yaneer Bar-yam; from the paper, Precautionary Principle*

“TREotM”: The Sixties
Chapter 10, Part 4

The Missing Media Metric: Reach Velocity — Part 2
In our last post, we discussed what makes Reach Velocity important: It is the best media metric to use in order to maximize the double-tap effect. The faster reach grows, the higher reach will be in any two-day period under the reach curve. And the higher the reach in a two-day period, the higher the reach-at-2-frequency will be in a two-day period.

Agencies in Turmoil: Contracts, Rebates and “Dark Pools”
And so the play continues towards the endgame. With some unimaginably large percentage of US/global media spending up for review the last week brought new revelations around what is fast moving from being an arcane discussion into something close to front page news.

Data, Data Everywhere in the Upfront: An Overview -- Part 4
This is the fourth part of a five-part series examining the new data initiatives of major data companies. Parts 1 through 3 outlined the many data initiatives, their scalability and whether their services were gaining traction in the industry.

The Context of Contextual Content
Content is king. We’ve all heard that over and over, right? But it’s getting to the point that content isn’t just king; it’s a benevolent dictator. There’s so much content out there now that it sometimes seems as if we serve the content rather than the content serving us.

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