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"The Flash" and "Jane the Virgin": The CW Has the Hottest Shows - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/24/2014)

Throughout the tour, the two shows everyone seemed to not simply like but to designate as the best and brightest of broadcast's fall freshmen were The Flash and Jane the Virgin. (Both shows made a splash during upfront week, too.) Certainly, they weren't the only shows that impressed the press: Fox's Gotham and Red Band Society, NBC's Marry Me and Constantine, ABC's How to Get Away with Murder and Forever and CBS' Scorpion and Battle Creek (a midseason entry) also had people talking. But by any measure The Flash and Jane came out on top.

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FX Again Emerges as a Dominant Force at a TCA Tour - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/23/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA – As has been evident for quite some time now, and never more so than during its day at the Summer 2014 Television Critics Association tour, FX has distinguished itself not only by producing some of the most galvanizing entertainment on television – in an advertiser supported environment, no less – but by presenting itself as an equal of sorts even among its most formidable competitors.

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The CW President Mark Pedowitz on "The Vampire Diaries," "The 100" and More - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/23/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA -- Typical sessions with broadcast network entertainment chiefs at the twice-yearly Television Critics Association tours are generally filled with questions about the industry overall, broadcast television in general and his or her network in particular. There is always a smattering of requests for information about specific shows, but they are usually overshadowed by queries about larger issues.

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Peter Rice on the Fox Networks Group, Audience Measurement and More - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/22/2014)

Not surprisingly, the hot topic of the session was the recently announced alignment of the Fox network and 20th Century Fox Television to form the Fox Television Group. "It's been over a decade since we were structured in this way, and I think it's very exciting," Rice said. "We've been the odd man out in terms of how the other networks were aligned, and as competition for talent becomes more and more intense, having a big, powerful studio and a network aligned with each other is going to be a really good thing for our business.

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CBS' Nina Tassler Puts the New Media Universe in Perspective - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/21/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA – For as long as I can remember, the only audience that counted, at least among network executives and their advertisers, was adults 18-49. CBS has been the lone challenger during that time, arguing – with its words sometimes falling on deaf ears – that adults 25-54 and, in fact, all viewers were also important, and that a network targeting them could indeed be profitable.

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Hulu, Amazon and DirecTV Deliver Big Stars, Big News, Big Events - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/17/2014)

This was abundantly clear last Saturday when Amazon Studios and Hulu largely dominated an entire day at the Summer tour. Amazon, making its TCA debut, was here for three and one-half hours, which included a lunch following six panels. They included sessions with the producers and casts of Alpha House , which is the first Amazon series renewed for a second season, and four upcoming series – comedies Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle and dramas Bosch and The After. The pilots for these series are currently available for free viewing on Amazon.

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Diversity at ABC - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/16/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA – Since the announcement of its 2014-15 primetime schedule back in May, ABC has been on the receiving end of great praise for what may be the most diversity rich group of new series any broadcast network has ever put together for a single season.

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NBC Chief Bob Greenblatt on the Upfront, "Peter Pan Live," Bill Cosby and "Hannibal" - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/15/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA – NBC put on a jam-packed and very effective day Sunday at the Summer Television Critics Association tour, which included panels for all of its new fall series, its upcoming telecast of the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, show-runners from several of its returning shows (including The Blacklist, Grimm, Parenthood and Chicago Fire, among others) and one that mesmerized the roughly 250 reporters and critics gathered here: A heavy duty crash course in the ever-changing art of total audience measurement presented by NBCUniversal Research and Media Development President Alan Wurtzel.

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Hallmark, NatGeo, BBC America and El Rey Stand Out - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/14/2014)

Beverly Hills, CA -- At a time when so many networks are increasingly finding ways to cut costs during their segments of the Television Critics Association tours – either by appearing at only one of the two annual tours, or eliminating the evening parties for which they were once known, or sharing resources with corporate siblings that also present programming at TCA – those companies that choose to take maximum advantage and seize every opportunity to put their talent and executives together with as many as 250 television journalists from across the country and Canada tend to stand out as favorites with this organization.

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Discovery Reveals the Bare Facts About "Naked and Afraid" - Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (07/10/2014)

First up was a panel for Discovery Channel's hit series Naked and Afraid. This was quite a departure from the usual science, history and nature driven programming the Discovery mother-ship has a reputation for offering at TCA tours.

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