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Seven Founding Principles of the Future Media Industry - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/23/2015)

MyersBizNet has identified seven founding principles on which media companies, agencies, marketers and content producers must focus to maintain long-term growth and achieve sustainable success. Traditional advertising revenues depend on demand equaling or surpassing supply. As supply and marketing options increase, demand is accruing to those media that can meet the changing needs of marketers.

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Digital Ad Spend Driving Legacy Media Growth (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/16/2015)

Digital advertising spending in legacy media (TV, Print, Radio, Out-of-Home) is forecast to grow 20% in 2015 to nearly $18 billion according to exclusive MyersBizNet data. Advertiser spending on legacy advertising formats in these media is forecast to decline 5.7% to $118 billion

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What Social Media Do Ad Execs Use? - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/09/2015)

MyersBizNet Survey of Advertiser and Agency Executives on Trade Press Readership

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TV Research: Is the Industry Doing Enough? Ad Execs Say No. (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (02/24/2015)

TV network research and ad sales executives are confronting a challenging reality: they are investing significantly in new research data to respond to client and agency needs, but ad execs are failing to reward them for these investments except in a handful of specialized cases. The extensive investments made to date by many network TV companies have fallen mostly on an unimpressed ad community. Among six categories of network TV sales organization performance, "advanced research support and intelligence" ranks last in positive perceptions

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25-Years Later, Marketers' Needs Remain Unmet - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (02/17/2015)

Twenty-five years ago, in May 1990, Jack Myers published the results of a major research study on media values and marketing strategies conducted among more than 750 marketing and advertising executives. The study included a quantitative survey, six focus groups and more than 100 personal interviews. Conducted in partnership with trade publication Marketing & Media Decisions, the research provided "insights into the dynamics that are influencing the investment of billions of dollars and impacting on the efforts of hundreds of advertising and promotional agencies and media companies."

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National TV Sales Organizations of the Year Awards - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (02/09/2015)

Univision is the MyersBizNet national television 2014 sales organization of the year, based on ratings in six performance categories as judged in more than 1,000 surveys completed by the advertiser and agency clients of 70 TV companies. Scroll down for network TV sales organization winners in eleven categories. Univision and NBCU Hispanic ranked first and second respectively among the 70 organizations*, reflecting the strong loyalty the leading Hispanic networks have generated among their clients. Both groups significantly improved perceptions in this year's survey over prior years, with Univision achieving a 75% average positive rating (4/5 on a five point scale) in the six measured attributes. NBCU Hispanic followed closely with a 67% positive rating. In the next several weeks, MyersBizNet will publish the leaders in each specific attribute category measured (see attribute list below awards categories). The full methodology is available to MyersBizNet member companies; premium members have received detailed survey reports. The study was conducted in October; this is the 30th anniversary of the MyersBizNet Survey of Advertising Executives, the industry quality performance standard for media sales organizations.

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The Super Bowl that Cared
By: Jack Myers   (02/02/2015)

I would have preferred that the Super Bowl not be decided by a bad decision, but it still took a great play for the victor to solidify the victory. The bad decision was Victoria’s Secret’s off-target 4th quarter commercial and the great players were the several sponsors who focused on purpose-driven messages and especially on changing gender dynamics, specifically Dove for Men, Toyota and Nissan, the NFL itself, Always and enough other advertisers to suggest there has been a meaningful transformation in American culture and society – and certainly transformation in Super Bowl commercials.

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TV Sales Organization Awards Announced This Week (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (01/26/2015)

This year, there were more than 1000 agency and marketer responses to the 30th Annual MyersBizNet Annual National TV Advertiser Satisfaction Survey, rating the performance of 70 national TV sales organizations. In next week's MyersBizNet weekly members-only report, we will announce the market leaders in several network categories, including the outstanding TV media company.

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"Empire" Shines During Fox's Day at TCA – Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (01/20/2015)

with the first appearances at a TCA tour by new Fox Television Group Chairmen and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman and ended with a rousing panel for the first fresh television success of this new year, the unashamedly adult prime time soap opera "Empire."

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2015 Digital Ad Spend +24%; Legacy Ad Spend -5%. Individual Media Details Below (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (01/20/2015)

Digital advertising spend will increase 24% to $54.5 billion in 2015 and will sustain average 21% annual growth through the end of the decade, according to new economic data published by MyersBizNet TomorrowToday. The total excludes search marketing, which is projected to grow 8.0% this year to $24.6 billion.

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Though content marketing is now an accepted and widely adopted form of marketing, there continue to be a lot of nuances that people don’t seem to understand. One of these tricky nuances is the distinction between lead generation and demand generation. How are these things similar? How are they different? If you want to be successful in content marketing, appreciating the differences between them is key. Different types of content work better for different types of content marketing. A blog post can be a good device for either lead generation or demand generation, but which one depends on how (and why) you write it. Understanding and appreciating these differences is integral to having a successful content marketing campaign.

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We have been using a new tool called “Google’s Brand Lift solution” to answer exactly that question. This tool allows advertisers to gather brand metrics about YouTube ads in a matter of days in a controlled experiment setting. Thousands of advertisers across a variety of verticals have already used this tool on YouTube to test and optimize their video ads since we launched it in 2014. We ran some meta-analysis to look at the findings from the tool to help advertisers with practical tips. After analyzing around 50 campaigns from well-known Fortune 100 brands and category leaders, running on Google Preferred (some of YouTube’s most popular channels), we found that 94% of the campaigns drove a significant lift in ad recall, with an average recall lift of 80%. We also found that 65% of Google Preferred ads saw an increase in brand awareness, with an average lift of 17%.

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