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Upfronts & Newfronts: Who Won the Beauty Contest?
By: Jack Myers   (05/18/2015)

Having just completed my 31st Upfront presentation season, it's easy to be cynical. With 16 presentations and multiple parties during the traditional Upfront Week and more than 70 companies presenting since mid-February (not including multiple press briefings and networks meeting independently with agencies), I can only respect those who invest an aggregate of more than $200 million to influence the decisions of marketers and their agency buyers. The obvious question is: were they influenced and, if so, in what way.

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Upfront: Where’s the Value? (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (05/11/2015)

As Upfront/Newfront presentations and parties wind to a close this week and the deal-makers get down to business, which television companies are best positioned to capture share?

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Procurement-Based Media Pricing will Gain Importance Very Quickly (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (05/04/2015)

This is the fourth in a MyersBizNet exclusive series identifying seven business realities on which media companies, agencies, marketers and content producers must focus to maintain long-term growth and achieve sustainable success. Traditional advertising revenues depend on demand equaling or surpassing supply. For the first time since the early days of television, total media inventory supply, and especially video inventory, will surpass demand for several years – and probably for decades. This creates an inevitability that commoditized media prices will be forced into a downward spiral, accelerated by the growing influence of corporate procurement officers.

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Performance-Based Metrics Will Gain in Importance, but Very Slowly. Future Trend #3 (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (04/27/2015)

In my pre-Upfront report to MyersBizNet members last year, I forecast that future Upfronts would witness changing relationships between media buyers and network TV sellers. For television to reclaim dollars being lost to digital, TV buyers and sellers, I argued, would need to be more closely aligned as strategic partners rather than as adversaries in a negotiation, with a goal of helping clients to better define, identify, and reach their best customers.

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2015-2020 Media/Marketing Spending Growth Projections by Category (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (04/20/2015)

The 2015-2020 average annual growth projections below have been compiled exclusively by MyersBizNet for use by our member companies.

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Upfront 2015: Early Forecast (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (04/13/2015)

There's a debate going on among TV buyers and sellers about prospects for the upcoming network TV Upfront season, but the overall consensus is a negative outlook. MyersBizNet is projecting a more negative outcome than last year, when broadcast network TV volume declined 7.9% and cable network revenue declined 4.8%.

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What is the Future of Media Buyers & Sellers? - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (04/06/2015)

Every major media company, agency and leading national advertiser is seeking solutions for emerging and very serious threats, as underlined by the dire economic forecasts published last week by MyersBizNet . In times of accelerating change and marketplace chaos, companies that fail to aggressively adapt are likely to be passed by competitors who respond forcefully to meet the challenges of the future. Rather than buying and selling impressions and Nielsen rating points, agencies and media sellers need to define a clear and immediate strategy for reinventing their business development and marketing communications. They must identify, advance, implement and effectively communicate business development programs to generate incremental and scalable revenues.

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More Bad News: 2015 Ad Spending Growth Forecast Sinks Below 1% - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/30/2015)

MyersBizNet is adjusting its annual 2015 advertising spending forecast downward, projecting an overall industry annual increase of less than one percent, the most conservative forecast of any of the leading market analysts. This is the earliest MyersBizNet has adjusted its annual forecasts in the past decade, reflecting a softer than expected first quarter and secular shifts in spending that run counter to several overall economic trends.

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Seven Founding Principles of the Future Media Industry - (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/23/2015)

MyersBizNet has identified seven founding principles on which media companies, agencies, marketers and content producers must focus to maintain long-term growth and achieve sustainable success. Traditional advertising revenues depend on demand equaling or surpassing supply. As supply and marketing options increase, demand is accruing to those media that can meet the changing needs of marketers.

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Digital Ad Spend Driving Legacy Media Growth (Members-Only Report)
By: Jack Myers   (03/16/2015)

Digital advertising spending in legacy media (TV, Print, Radio, Out-of-Home) is forecast to grow 20% in 2015 to nearly $18 billion according to exclusive MyersBizNet data. Advertiser spending on legacy advertising formats in these media is forecast to decline 5.7% to $118 billion

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