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Online Video, Widget and Social Network Advertising Will Grow 70% in 2009, as Display Stagnates

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Published: October 16, 2008 at 4:52 AM PDT

By Jack Myers

While online advertising remains one of the few positive growth sectors for 2009, at a projected 13.5 overall growth rate, display advertising growth is relatively flat (+3.5%) and search growth is relatively robust (+18.5%), but video, social programming and widget-based advertising is booming (+70%).

Jack Myers Online Advertising Investment Forecast 2008-2009*
2008 - 2009 2008 2009
ADVERTISING % Growth $ % Share % Growth $ % Share
Online (Includes Display, Search, Video, and Other) 13.8%  $    24,641 10.6 13.5%  $    27,968 12.5
          Online Display Advertising 3.0%  $    11,362   3.8%  $    11,788  
          Online Search Advertising 21.0%  $    12,361   18.3%  $    14,618  
          Online Video, Social Networks, Widgets, Other 128.0%  $         919   70.0%  $      1,562  


The full Myers Advertising and Marketing Investment Forecast for 2008-2009, including 2006 and 2007 data for historical reference and 2010 data for future perspective is available at NO cost in PDF format at

Released earlier this week, the Myers Advertising and Marketing Investment Forecast projects these emerging categories of video/social networks/widgets advertising will grow almost tenfold from only $425 million in 2007 to nearly $4.0 billion in 2010. Online video advertising is the fastest growing sector of the media business, with well-established traditional brands proactively integrating video players into their sites and developing custom video content. While pre and post-roll advertising continues to dominate, and many advertisers still rely on outmoded 30-second TV commercials, new models are emerging that assure online video will redefine the ad viewing experience in a more viewer-friendly format. Both shorter form video advertising and well as long-form branded content are slowly emerging as the most effective creative applications for online video. These creative developments are also driving growth opportunities for television on-demand opportunities such as TiVo and to cinema and digital out-of-home advertising.

Social network programming, which utilizes both professional content and moderated user-generated content to engage consumers in an interactive conversation with marketers and with each other is also a fast-growing industry segment that will accelerate in 2010. Widgets, those movable content packages that transport advertiser messages and branded content from site to site and onto individual's social network pages, are also generating active interest and activity among advertisers. Other creative opportunities, such as the content integration model developed by Vibrant Media, are contributing to the online industry's sustained growth.

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