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CBS Interactive, CNN, ESPN Lead Traditional Media Companies in Online Sales Organization Performance

March 1, 2010

Published: March 1, 2010 at 12:05 AM GMT
Last Updated: July 19, 2010 at 12:05 AM GMT

Among 41 traditional media companies that have a significant online ad sales presence, CBS' Interactive unit has established a dominant leadership position, followed closely by CNN.com and ESPN Customer Marketing and Sales. In the Annual Myers Survey of Advertiser and Agency Executives on Online Sales Organization Attributes, CBS ranked first in five of six attributes measured and second in the final attribute.

Also performing positively in the full Myers Report, which is being issued this week to subscribers, were The Weather Channel Interactive, NBC Universal Digital Media, ABC Digital and New Media, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, New York Times Digital, Washington Post Digital, Meredith Interactive Media, Turner Sports and Entertainment Digital, and SI.com.

In this week's report available to subscribers, I share details of the recent study, focusing on the online and digital revenue organizations of 41 traditional media companies. In future weeks, additional details will be provided on 11 Online Originated Websites and 40 Emerging Online Sites and Organizations.

Fox News, Forbes.com, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Conde Nast Digital and Discovery Digital Sales also were highly rated in selected categories. The attributes evaluated in the Myers Survey are:

  • Quality Sales Organization
  • Value for the Investment
  • Valuable Content
  • Valuable Targeted Audience
  • Mass Audience Reach
  • Innovation

Following in this report is a summary ranking of the 41 Online Traditional Media Sales Organizations based on the total quantity of attributes identified by all respondents for each organization for all six attributes evaluated. The full report is being sent via e-mail to subscribers in PDF format later this week. Please look for it.

Jack Myers Media Business Report has been providing exclusive insights on media sales performance since 1984 and has been reporting on online sales since 2004.

Jack Myers Media Business Report is published every Monday exclusively for corporate subscribers. If you believe you are a subscriber and should be receiving the extended subscriber-only version of this report, please contact Jack Myers at jack@mediadvisorygroup.com. For subscription information click here.

Corporate Subscribers, please click on the link to log in and read this complete commentary -- http://www.jackmyers.com/commentary/media-business-report/85664857.html

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