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The Disruption Decade and How To Prosper – Dan Hodges
By: Dan Hodges   (04/24/2014)

In the United States, smartphone users will increase from 140 million in 2014 to 207 million by 2017, and to 3 billion users worldwide. The growth in distribution, coupled with continuous innovation within the smartphone industry, will continue to disrupt the marketplace. This global trend is unmatched by any other past innovation. The Mobile Wave is here to stay and it is better to ride the wave than to resist its force. Most industries will be affected. Retail is already experiencing the impact of mobile and its leaders are rapidly investing in technology and human capital to provide valuable customer experiences.

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Google Acquires Drone Maker Titan: Here's Why We Forecast it in 2012
By: Jack Myers   (04/23/2014)

While hovering GPS servers are widely seen as new methods to promote piracy, there are in fact many other potential uses for the technology.

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Investing in Media Companies: A Q & A With Venture Capitalist Vincent Tang – Charlene Weisler
By: Charlene Weisler   (04/23/2014)

Vincent Tang is a venture capitalist who had made a career of investing in a range of media firms from content creators to networks to agencies to MVPDs. His current company Canrock Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in media technology companies. Tang is a great proponent of Big Data measurement and research functions, focusing his efforts on identifying those companies that are offering unique and compelling ways to measure today’s media consumers cross platform. In this fascinating interview, he talks about data segmentation, new technologies in the media space, metrics and the importance of measurement in the media ecosystem. He also offers some prescient, counterintuitive thoughts on how the media landscape will progress over the next few years.

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Which Program Type Dominates OTT? – Bill Harvey and Alex Petrilli
By: Bill Harvey & Alex Petrilli   (04/22/2014)

Outside of House of Cards’ nine Emmy nominations, a television network’s biggest fear is cord cutting. And there are no candidates with the scissors dangling as perilously close to the wire as OTT homes. Once they have comfortably settled into their Netflix streaming queue and Amazon Prime options, what is to keep them paying those monthly cable/satellite/telco bills? Apparently there is plenty. According to research firm GfK, the main driver in U.S. households cutting the cord last year was financial pressure. The need to save money outweighed any provider dissatisfaction or lack of necessity. It is quite possible that the plethora of OTT options has made it easier on households to cut the cord, but as David Tice, senior vice president of media and entertainment of GfK, said in a blog post, “I continue to wait for the economy to really gain traction and pick up, which will be the real test if people maintain their broadcast-only status even as economic concerns lessen. That’s when I’ll decide if I’ll pull my toe out and jump in the deep end of the cord-cutting pool.”

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“Game of Thrones” Hosts (Another) Deadly Wedding, A Surprising Rejection on “Mad Men” – Top Moments from TVGuide.com
By: Joyce Eng & Kate Stanhope   (04/21/2014)

A groom perishing on his wedding day shouldn't be cause for celebration, but when it comes to Game of Thrones, fans have been waiting for this particular bloodletting for four years. At the feast, newlywed King Joffrey whips out his signature cruelty to humiliate everyone in sight, which naturally makes him thirsty. Alas, the wine doesn't give him a buzz unless you count oxygen deprivation caused by choking. The suspected poison works fast, and as the teen tyrant collapses and turns purple, the question is not "Who wanted Joffrey dead?" but "Who didn't want him dead?" Schadenfreude never tasted so good.

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Sir Martin Sorrell and Google-the-Gorilla – Brian Jacobs
By: Brian Jacobs   (04/21/2014)

Having said that, media owners have been going to see clients directly forever and a day. Generally, if there’s a trusting, strong relationship between client and agency the client picks up the phone to the agency as soon as the meeting is finished, and together agency and client agree on a course of action – maybe doing the deal direct might benefit the client more, which is something most agencies have no problem with. After all they get paid just the same and have to do less to close the deal. Of course sometimes agencies of all shapes and sizes do have a problem with the direct sell as such deals can mess up agency deals based on total volumes. These are deals constructed to benefit the agency as the rebates generated occasionally have been known not to find their way back to the client.

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Upfront Review: Pivot’s Quest for “Upstanders” -- Simon Applebaum
By: Simon Applebaum   (04/21/2014)

In just eight months, Pivot has plenty to tout -- and that’s exactly what president Evan Shapiro and parent Participant Media chief executive Jim Berk did. More than 45 million households can get the channel, original series like Please Like Me, Jersey Strong and TakePart Live picked up favorable reviews across the country and 196 advertisers have joined in with campaigns. "Here we are, a young fledging channel," Berk said. "We believe in the power of media to compel people to live a powerful life." Millennials, or Generation Y as Shapiro defines them, are the audience Pivot is out to compel with its format. Videos featuring some Y constituents who watch the network regularly suggested Pivot is drawing a solid audience (in advance of qualifying for Nielsen ratings). Moreover, Pivot is attracting "upstanders," the 18-34 Gen Y sub-set that (according to a new Nielsen segmentation report) gets more involved in social issues and rewards companies/brands that do likewise.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review - Shelly Palmer
By: Shelly Palmer   (04/18/2014)

I've been using the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my main mobile device for just about a year now (it launched in March 2013 and was made publically available in April 2013) and I like it – but to be as honest as possible, I don't love it. My main issues with the S4 have to do with the camera, battery life, ergonomics and undeletable Samsung bloatware, but the list is much longer. So, I was very, very excited to get my hands on the new, improved Samsung Galaxy S5. Sadly, my excitement quickly turned to ambivalence.

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The Mobile Future for Local TV Stations and Newspapers is Bright – Dan Hodges
By: Dan Hodges   (04/17/2014)

Over the last five years, there has been a dramatic shift in the way people are consuming content from local TV stations and newspapers. According to a 2014 Comscore report, 60% of digital consumption for the major local TV stations and newspapers is on smartphones and tablets. The number of people consuming content on smartphones and tablets will only continue as smartphone and tablet penetration increases.

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Arun Kumar of IPG Mediabrands -- The Jay Sears Interview
By: Jay Sears   (04/17/2014)

IPG Mediabrands is a technology enabled data driven audience buying company focused on delivering business outcomes for our clients.

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While hovering GPS servers are widely seen as new methods to promote piracy, there are in fact many other potential uses for the technology.

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