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The Strategic Agency. Q&A With Nancy Mullahy, CEO, IMS. - Charlene Weisler
By: Charlene Weisler   (07/26/2014)

Nancy Mullahy, CEO of IMS, is on the cutting edge of today's media transformation as agencies grapple with understanding the ever expanding consumer choices of platforms as well as trend the evolution of programmatic buying. Mullahy's background includes research and her knowledge of and acumen in data lends well to this changeable media environment. Asked to describe her "average day" she talks about meeting with those who are exploring new ways of looking at data and its applications. This fascinating interview includes discussions of the top trends of today including cross platform programming, TV programmatic, uses of data and connected TV. She also looks forward and offers some predictions as to the media landscape in the next 3 to 5 years.

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Israel's Iron Dome - Shelly Palmer
By: Shelly Palmer   (07/25/2014)

The politics of the conflict between Hamas and the State of Israel are well documented. And, I'm sure you have already formed an opinion about who is at fault and what must be done. This article is not about any of that. It's not about right or wrong, good or bad, politics or religion, it's about a remarkable technology that is serving both at strategic and tactical purpose in an untenable, unsustainable situation.

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How a Smaller-Spending Brand Can Punch Above Its Weight – Bill Harvey and Barbara Connors
By: Bill Harvey   (07/24/2014)

There are many brands even within the largest corporations that do not have a TV budget. These brands have burning questions that are knottier than those faced by their larger siblings, because whatever they do, they have less to do it with. This case study is valuable for all advertisers but especially for those brand managers with smaller or no TV budgets. We estimate that about a thousand CPG brands fall into this classification. Every large CPG advertiser has some of them. This is a story about two of those brands, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Black Box, both popular wines.

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It's Time to Split Planning from Buying – Brian Jacobs
By: Brian Jacobs   (07/24/2014)

In the beginning there were media buying agencies. In fact, somewhat disappointingly here we are 40 odd years later and this is still the descriptor used by most clients to describe the organizations responsible for handling their media budgets. All that investment in people, research, tools and techniques and they're still "my media buyers."

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The Future of Advertising is Not Coming After the Break – Walter Sabo
By: Walter Sabo   (07/23/2014)

Brand CEOs often make bold speeches about the need for ad agencies to find new approaches for delivering messages to their consumers. Then it never happens. The reason it never happens is that the entire ad agency economic model is built on the agency creating and buying spots. As long as the 30-second spot is the gold standard for ad agency profits, not much will change.

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An Unforgettable Finale for "24," A Badass Ninja Warrior and More Top Moments from TVGuide.com
By: Joyce Eng & Kate Stanhope   (07/22/2014)

Our top moments of the week:

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Mobile 2014: Mapping The Customer Journey - Dan Hodges
By: Dan Hodges   (07/22/2014)

There has been much written about the embracing of smartphones and its impact on the customer shopping journey. Are consumers really using smartphones as much as it is claimed or is this just more industry hype? If shoppers are using their smartphones for shopping, what are they doing? How many shoppers are using their smartphones and what is the impact on your business?

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Courage and Grit: An Interview with Media Legend Phil Guarascio - John Piccone
By: John Piccone   (07/22/2014)

Phil Guarascio is a high profile innovator in the media and advertising world. His career as Media Director at a major New York City agency, VP of corporate marketing and advertising at General Motors and Lead Executive, marketing and sales at the National Football League has positioned him to see and impact many corners of the media and marketing spectrum at various times in the evolution and revolution of the business. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Phil through his involvement as a board member of Simulmedia. I have enjoyed how his perspective is always grounded in the proof that there is nothing new under the sun as long as you can weather the storms and recognize the silver linings. Here are a few examples of how he used courage and grit to change the media and marketing landscape as we know it.

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Travesty of the Daytime Emmy Awards – Simon Applebaum
By: Simon Applebaum   (07/21/2014)

Meantime, silence continues from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (separate from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, responsible for the primetime Emmys) about the far-flung fiasco that was the Daytime Emmy presentation they oversaw several weeks ago.

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LG G3 Review - Shelly Palmer
By: Shelly Palmer   (07/18/2014)

If I had to buy an Android phone today, I'd would run to the store and pick up an LG G3. It is, without question, the best Android-powered smartphone available today, July 18, 2014. This may or may not be true tomorrow or in a week or a month, such is life in the world of connected devices. But for today, the LG G3 is my smartphone of choice. Why? It's a very balanced mix of power, features and benefits.

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Beverly Hills, CA – NBC put on a jam-packed and very effective day Sunday at the Summer Television Critics Association tour, which included panels for all of its new fall series, its upcoming telecast of the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, show-runners from several of its returning shows (including The Blacklist, Grimm, Parenthood and Chicago Fire, among others) and one that mesmerized the roughly 250 reporters and critics gathered here: A heavy duty crash course in the ever-changing art of total audience measurement presented by NBCUniversal Research and Media Development President Alan Wurtzel.

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Beverly Hills, CA -- Typical sessions with broadcast network entertainment chiefs at the twice-yearly Television Critics Association tours are generally filled with questions about the industry overall, broadcast television in general and his or her network in particular. There is always a smattering of requests for information about specific shows, but they are usually overshadowed by queries about larger issues.

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