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Bigger, Broader, Deeper: The New Purview of the Masters of Marketing - Michael Kassan
By: Michael Kassan   (10/24/2014)

More precisely, Job One for brand stewards is no longer just about creating messages. As I have noted frequently in this space, the CMO is now also part CTO and part CIO—and not small parts, either. The marketer's scope has not simply grown, it has widened dramatically, both upstream and downstream.

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BIME CEO Rachel Delacour – The Charlene Weisler Interview
By: Charlene Weisler   (10/23/2014)

BIME Analytics has defined cloud BI as an indispensable service for anyone with business questions and a browser. BIME was founded in 2009 in Montpellier and is the first pure cloud BI service for the age of Big Data. BIME is one of only a few companies that delivers a simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis, visualization and dashboarding as a plug-and-lay service – [it is] fast, easy to set up and low-cost so companies and teams of any size can "mine their own business." BIME is available in four languages, including Chinese, and has customers across the globe. We were the first vendor to offer front-end BI capabilities for Google BigQuery and have received numerous cloud innovation awards.

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Apple and Facebook: What happens after a woman has a baby? - Nancy Galanty
By: Nancy Galanty   (10/22/2014)

So much has been written and discussed about the recent news that both Facebook and Apple are covering the cost of female egg freezing in their health care plans, it's difficult to insert a new point of view. The reactions have spanned from positive: more choice for working women equals empowerment, to incendiary: the underlying message from Apple and Facebook is an unfair (and illegal) pressure on female employees to delay childbirth for career advancement. Before continuing, I'll share that I am squarely in the camp that this is a positive and progressive inclusion in a company's health care coverage.

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Broadcast Prime Highest ROI, Nielsen Undercounting as Much as 20% -- Bill Harvey
By: Bill Harvey   (10/22/2014)

As part of Advertising Week in New York, the five big broadcast TV networks gathered the top buyers together with Hollywood producers and creatives on October 2. CBS Chief Research Officer David Poltrack had invited me to his table with Gayle Fuguitt, CEO of ARF, Poltrack’s ace wingman Greg Kasparian, and the estimable Leslie Wood. Kicked off by CBS President of Network Sales Jo Ann Ross, the top five television networks put on a classy show, showcasing the quality of their content and its key role in the future, present and past of television.

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David Abbott and the Giant Ad Factory – Brian Jacobs
By: Brian Jacobs   (10/22/2014)

It always used to be parroted that size was essential in media. It’s easy to see the rationale; if you weren’t the biggest you couldn’t use the maximum leverage against the big, bad media owners. There was always a grain of truth in this, as yes volume is clearly important. But what volume buys you, above a louder voice and a bigger stick, is access to the best people and the ability to invest in both the brains and the technology that will ultimately lead to the best tools and thus, one would hope, the most insightful plans. Marry insightful plans with buying clout and you’re off to the races. But at the same time the “size is all” argument is a lazy one. It is nonsense to suggest as many did during the farce that was the aborted merger between Publicis and Omnicom that a new, giant Publicom would somehow automatically relegate GroupM to also-rans in the “my discount is bigger than yours” stakes.

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Planet Ed: Syfy Remains at the Forefront of Digital Publicity with Unique Press Tour – Ed Martin
By: Ed Martin   (10/22/2014)

Syfy on Sunday and Monday in Orlando produced its eighth annual Digital Press Tour – a one of a kind event in television publicity and promotion that puts the network's executives and the stars and producers of its series together with influential bloggers, robust tweeters and other digital communications experts and enthusiasts who operate outside of what might be referred to as the "traditional" press.

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"AHS: Freak Show" Tackles Fiona Apple, Jason Biggs Pees on Chelsea Handler and More Top Videos from TVGuide.com
By: TVGuide.com   (10/21/2014)

This week, Taylor Swift defended her cat Olivia Benson against insults from John Cleese and Kansas City native Paul Rudd celebrated the Royals winning the ALCS and securing a spot in the World Series. Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon breakdanced (brokedanced?) and American Horror Story: Freak Show gave us the creepiest duet of all time. Also, Chelsea Handler remembered the time Jason Biggs peed on her. (No, really.)

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CBS Outdoor Rebrands as Outfront Media -- Jodi Senese, CMO, CBS Outdoor
By: Jodi Senese   (10/21/2014)

The out-of-home industry has transformed over the last decade to perfectly position itself for the future. CBS Outdoor is taking a leadership role in this industry transformation. Starting in November we will be known as Outfront Media. The new brand name will be visible on hundreds of thousands of billboards and digital screens, in train stations and on buses and other out of home advertising locations from Times Square to the Sunset Strip. The way we describe our business – as Media rather than Outdoor – is an intentional choice that acknowledges the increasingly strategic and integrated role of out-of-home advertising in the overall media mix.

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CBS Outdoor to Become Outfront Media - Press Release of the Week
By: Press Release   (10/20/2014)

CBS Outdoor Americas Inc. (NYSE: CBSO) has announced it will rebrand as Outfront Media Inc., marking another important step in the Company's transformation.

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The Next Big Step in Asset Identification is Here -- Charlene Weisler
By: Charlene Weisler   (10/20/2014)

CIMM and SMPTE formed a study group in August 2013 which was charged with formulating an understanding of technologies and future standards requirements that could be applied to content identification. The study group found that there are technologies that can survive compression and distribution through the media and entertainment supply chain that bind media identifiers to content. The group also found that audio watermarking, rather than other techniques, is the most promising approach. This is an important step.

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More precisely, Job One for brand stewards is no longer just about creating messages. As I have noted frequently in this space, the CMO is now also part CTO and part CIO—and not small parts, either. The marketer's scope has not simply grown, it has widened dramatically, both upstream and downstream.

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We are pleased to announce the formation of Landmark | ShellyPalmer, a new partnership for new media deals, combining world-class investment banking, strategic advisory and event management.

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