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Snapchat: The Next Great Advertising Platform – Levi Shapiro
By: Levi Shapiro   (09/02/2014)

How valuable is ten seconds of Millennial mindshare? Brands like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Audi and the NBA are ramping up their advertising efforts with Snapchat, the photo and video app that disappears in 10 seconds. Although there are many skeptics I am not one of them. Snapchat is poised to become the next great advertising platform.

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Jimmy Kimmel's “Friends" Reunion, “True Blood's” Lifeless Finale and More Top Moments from TVGuide.com
By: Joyce Eng & Kate Stanhope   (08/30/2014)

When Jennifer Aniston stops by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her new movie, the host reveals that he's a huge Friends fan and even asks a slightly confused and very annoyed Aniston to act-out his fan fiction script, in which Kimmel plays Rachel's boyfriend Ross. Beyond the exact replica of Monica's kitchen from the series -- which Kimmel claims he shelled out $80K for -- the best part is by far the surprise appearances by Aniston's former co-stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. Sadly, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc are no-shows since in Kimmel's version, both Chandler and Joey died of rabies contracted from Ross' monkey, Marcel. At least fans don't have to worry about Joey pining after Rachel anymore!

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My Banned Word Holiday Rant - Shelly Palmer
By: Shelly Palmer   (08/29/2014)

So, just for fun and, in honor of Labor Day (and people who work for a living) here is a list of buzzwords, biz speak and hipster droppings that should be banned from every business meeting forevermore.

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The Emmy Moment That Got Away -- Simon Applebaum
By: Simon Applebaum   (08/28/2014)

Here's what was wonderful about Monday night's Primetime Emmy Awards, in no particular order: All the awards for “Breaking Bad”; everything Bryan Cranston did (from that smooch with Julia Louis-Dreyfus to an inspiring acceptance speech), “Fargo” being named Outstanding Miniseries, “The Normal Heart” being named Outstanding Movie; the beautiful In Memoriam sequence headlined by Sara Bareilles' rendition of “Smile” and Billy Crystal's thoughts of Robin Williams, and “Billy on the Street.” Here's what was far from wonderful about the same event: “Orange is the New Black” being passed over, “Fargo” and “The Normal Heart” being denied key acting and creative honors, Cicely Tyson losing out for “The Trip to Bountiful” and Weird Al Yankovic's interminable song melody.

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David Moore’s Law: The Biggest Problem in the Industry is the Illusion of Transparency -- Skip Brand
By: Skip Brand   (08/28/2014)

American businessman David Moore is best known for founding 24/7 Real Media and heading the IAB. He is currently chairing WPP’s Xaxis, the world’s largest Programmatic Media and Technology platform. Moore believes the problem in the digital media industry is definitional -- in particular transparency, which he believes generally implies openness, communication and accountability.

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Sinclair Broadcasting Rewrites TV Station Business Model -- Simon Applebaum
By: Simon Applebaum   (08/27/2014)

America's biggest owner of television stations stands ready to leap three bounds into being a big content force for those stations and beyond. The bounder I’m alluding to is Sinclair Broadcast Group, with more than 150 stations nationwide, affiliated with all five major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC) and Fox's MyNetwork TV weeknight service. Sinclair's reach includes Baltimore, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Las Vegas, along with plenty of mid-size/small markets, mostly around the South, Midwest and Rocky Mountain states. Through a pair of corporate decisions, and the closing of an acquisition deal over these summer months, Sinclair is in position to impact the nature and quality of what viewers will see on their stations from here on in.

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Man Myth: Ours is a Very Big Sports Town -- Walter Sabo
By: Walter Sabo   (08/26/2014)

A majority of NBA, MLB and NFL playing arenas hit an average status of 95% sold out. Yes, the sacred Chicago Bulls home games are always 100% sold out but so are the Mavericks, the Heat, the Celtics, the Clippers and the Thunder. Combine home and away games and again the average is approximately 95% for all teams.

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How Online Technology Spurs Media and Creative Ad Effectiveness -- Graeme Hutton
By: Graeme Hutton   (08/26/2014)

Online technologies are creating a seismic shift in ad effectiveness research and spurring it towards an inferential approach. A long-standing public example of the inferential approach has been Harvard’s IATs -- Implicit Association Tests. You can see this indirect technique in action about you, personally, by taking one of the tests. An IAT can reveal your real, inner feelings about any topic from race or mental health to pets in the home. It does this not from your actual responses, but by interrogating to the millisecond speed of your replies on your computer. An IAT can potentially lay bare previously unknown insights about you.

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A Killer Twist on “The Leftovers,” The Big Switch on “Switched at Birth” and More Top Moments from TVGuide.com
By: Joyce Eng & Kate Stanhope   (08/25/2014)

How do you get your cult of followers to embrace the idea of martyrdom? Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands (literally). After Guilty Remnant leader Patti is kidnapped by a sleepwalking Chief Garvey on HBO's The Leftovers, she does her best to convince him to just kill her. When he refuses, opting to let her go free and face the music for kidnapping her, she picks up a shard of glass, jabs it into her neck and proceeds to slice her own throat. We're still not sure what exactly Patti or any of the G.R. members are up to, but Ann Dowd's superb performance will be missed.

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Programmatic Advertising 101 - Definitions You Need to Know - Shelly Palmer
By: Shelly Palmer   (08/22/2014)

We're busy planning our 7th Annual Media Technology Summit and we're going to devote quite a bit of time to the subject(s) of programmatic advertising. While it is one of the most overused phases in our business, the impact data-driven automation is going to have on how advertising is measured, bought and sold cannot be overstated.

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So, just for fun and, in honor of Labor Day (and people who work for a living) here is a list of buzzwords, biz speak and hipster droppings that should be banned from every business meeting forevermore.

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Why should humans own all the world’s copyrights? The question is prompted by a photograph that’s made worldwide news. In Indonesia, a female crested black macaque monkey picked up a camera owned by photographer David Slater. I won’t focus much on the story of the monkey and her selfie because that topic has already been well-discussed in the media. Yet the story sets the table for more intriguing and ultimately more important issues. A brief recap of the story of the monkey and the selfie follows. The monkey did what a lot of us would do with a camera. She took selfies.

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