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Wall St. Speaks Out on Cannes and Commoditization - Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research Group
By: Brian Wieser   (06/26/2015)

The Cannes Lions awards – the advertising industry's pre-eminent honors – occurring this week will undoubtedly provide awards to well-deserving examples of creative excellence. Although we do not claim particular expertise in making assessments of stand-out creative campaigns on a global basis, a recent one which resonated for us was on behalf of the Cannes Lions themselves.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on AMC Networks - John Tinker, Maxim Group
By: John Tinker   (06/19/2015)

Fear the Walking Dead , a spin-off prequel of television's highest-rated show, The Walking Dead, should premiere in August with six episodes as part of a two-season pick-up. Another hit following the success of the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, should highlight AMC's increased audience visibility and ability to break new shows

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Wall St. Speaks Out on Cannes and Ad Industry Turmoil - Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research
By: Brian Wieser   (06/19/2015)

The Cannes Lions – arguably the world's pre-eminent annual event for the advertising community – begins today and runs through next week. The industry will celebrate a wide range of advertising and creativity while at the same time threats to the health of advertising in the future will loom for some as they so often do.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on the Twitter Challenge - Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research
By: Brian Wieser   (06/12/2015)

Twitter's CEO, Dick Costolo, has announced he is departing the company and will be replaced by one of the company's founders on an interim basis.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on Murdoch the Elder and Empire of the Sons - Anthony DiClemente, Nomura Securities
By: Anthony DiClemente   (06/12/2015)

In a move that had largely been expected but for specific timing, it was reported that Rupert Murdoch will likely step down as CEO and hand the position to James Murdoch. As part of the transition, Chase Carey, is expected to step down as co-COO, but will presumably stay on as Vice Chairman for one year. Rupert Murdoch will likely retain his role as Chairman of the Board, but will be joined by his son, Lachlan, who will reportedly assume the title co-executive Chairman.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on Instagram Advertising, Google Search and Buy - John Blackledge, Cowen & Company
By: John Blackledge   (06/05/2015)

This week press reports indicated that Instagram is broadly opening its platform for advertisers, particularly direct response advertisers via new direct response ad units like mobile app install ads, buy buttons as well as interest and demographic targeting. Also, Instagram is including an API that will allow ad agencies to efficiently manage large ad campaigns.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on Broadcast Nets' Prospects - David Bank, RBC Capital Markets, LLC
By: David Bank   (05/29/2015)

We hosted an investor meeting with an industry expert aimed at gaining insights into how the 2015–2016 Fall television season is setting up.

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Wall St. Speaks Out: AOL and Verizon - Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research
By: Brian Wieser   (05/22/2015)

AOL and Verizon: The End of the Beginning To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Verizon's pending acquisition of AOL is not the end. Instead, it is perhaps the end of the beginning for the company's forays into ad tech and the much broader field of marketing tech into which ad tech is gradually evolving. At least it needs to be for the AOL ad tech business to remain as a competitive force in this field.

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Wall St. Speaks Out on the Upfronts: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, Turner - Anthony DiClemente, CFA-NSI
By: Anthony DiClemente   (05/15/2015)

The best reporting on Upfront Week presentations has been provided by Nomura Securities' analyst Anthony DiClemente. Below, we share brief highlights from his in-depth analyses that were prepared by Nomura Securities International, Inc.

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Comcast, Disney, Verizon: You’re Not So Big!
Comcast ain’t so big after all. Neither is Time Warner Cable. Or, for that matter, neither is Time Warner, or NBC, or CBS or even Murdoch et al.

The Un, Deux, Trois of Cannes
The Cannes Lions Festival annually reestablishes itself as the industry breeding ground for innovation, exploration and collaboration. 2015 certainly did not disappoint, especially for the couple who literally defined “breeding ground” on the red carpet of the Palais in the wee hours one morning. Vive la France!

Elon Musk: The Edison/Tesla//Ford of the Digital Age -- Part 2
In Part 1 of this report, I looked at the transformations Elon Musk is bringing to the automotive, battery and energy businesses.

The Amazon Effect
“For many businesses, Amazon is simultaneously a sales channel, a potential service provider and a competitive threat.” – Forrester Research

“TREotM”: The Early Eighties and the Rise of Cable
Chapter 10, Part 6

Kim Kardashian, Al Gore and Sting – All in a Week’s Work at Cannes
It’s exactly 900 meters from the Hotel Martinez to the Hotel Majestic Barriere along the Cannes Croisette. In normal conditions it’s a 10 minute stroll but the Cannes Lions are anything but normal conditions. Forty-five minutes is a safe estimate as you greet half the people you have ever met, are greeted by people who seem to think they have met you and share brief exchanges with any number of people who are looking over your shoulder in the hope that someone more interesting comes into view. (Note: That’s a drone’s-eye view of the author of this column up top.)

Emmy Awards 2015: And the Nominees Should Be … (Part 1)
The process of determining this year’s Emmy nominees has begun, and we won’t know the results until the official announcement on July 16 from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

The New Normal for Online Shopping
What would you do to get a great deal online? Turns out that it's quite a lot, especially if you're a Millennial.

Dear Media: We Hoaxed You! Love, Taylor Swift and Apple Music
Was the Taylor Swift / Apple Music dust up nothing more than a premeditated hoax?

OTT w/ TiVo! Can Wi-Fi Trump Cellular?
Oh, Roamio, wherefore art thou? That’s something more cable operators (MSOs) as well as other internet service providers (ISPs) might be asking TiVo CEO Tom Rogers about. TiVo’s Roamio OTA is a set-top-box that acts as a digital video recorder for off-the-air broadcast stations. Rogers goes a lot further than just telling MSOs they can dodge retransmission fees: He suggests cable just get out of the video business and cede “TV” to over-the-top players. (Or, just go national OTT with current and/or altered bundles; can’t tell me the major MSOs haven’t run business scenarios to do just that.)

TED Women 2015: A Man's Eye-View
This year's TED Women Conference was my 20th TED and my first TED Women, where I was one of a handful of male attendees.

Stuart Elliott: When the News Makes News
The Brian Williams story continues, and with it, ever more to ponder.

"TREotM": The Seventies (with Coax)
Chapter 10, Part 5

Who Controls the Digital Eco-System?
Ever since the first man clicked on the first ever online ad, and the first blogger penned the first essay on all that’s wrong with everything digital, one question has under-pinned much of the discussion and debate. Who’s in charge?

The "Polbuzz" is Building: PBS’ "Poldark" is a Summer Sensation
A best in show has emerged from television’s busiest summer ever. The distinction may strike some as improbable during the season in which popcorn entertainment generally rules. This fine program has nothing to do with aliens, zombies, cops or killers. It is a first-class remake of a historical drama from the Seventies that probably sounds like a snooze. And while such declarations are generally a matter of individual taste, from where I sit it’s more entertaining than anything else on broadcast, cable or stream right now.

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