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I tried to give TNT’s “Dallas” the benefit of the doubt throughout its run – and I will continue to do so until I am told that the show is officially over. How can I not after investing so much time in it? I still believe in this saga, and I still feel there are interesting stories to tell. Just not the stories we have been handed so far. I would like TNT to continue the show, but only if the network is determined to make it better. If TNT cancels “Dallas,” I hope it will at least commission a movie that satisfyingly wraps it up once and for all. And while I’m compiling a “Dallas” wish list, if TNT cancels it wouldn’t it be great if CBS picked it up, hired a new writing team that understands what made the show so appealing in the first place, fixed everything that went wrong with it and gave it another go – on Friday nights? I have to think the CBS audience would enjoy it all over again if “Dallas” were done right.

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Cadreon is a specialized marketing services platform that integrates technology, data and inventory to manage audiences for our clients. It drives Greater Precision, [Exceptional] Time Saving and Smarter Investment. The benefits of programmatic/automation are not going to be limited solely to digital media. The first step beyond digital will be in the realm of television, specifically enhancing TV planning and execution via audience data at scale. The next TV steps will focus on Video On Demand, Over the Top Services, HH Addressable, Connected TV and Online Extensions.

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