With the role of men in society evolving, and a power shift toward women at work and home, the “traditional” male is dying out, according to author Jack Myers. Myers argues men will “be increasingly defined, dominated, and controlled by women” in his new book, “The Future of Men: Masculinity in the Twenty-First Century.” “These
As you read this, I’ll be attending TEDWomen 2016 in San Francisco, where I’m telling the story of The Future of Men to an audience of feminists. I’m proud to be included among them, and to have defined several years ago the emerging story of the evolution of men that I wrote about in The
In a technology-saturated world where Vine and Myspace have all but bitten the dust and some 1,000 new apps join the Apple store every day, why in the world should anyone care about Snapchat? Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer of GroupM Worldwide believes those in the advertising business should care, but cautiously. In my recent
Millennials receive a mix of adulation and scorn from older generations, but few give proper attention to the emerging next generation, which is a “boom” generation of new consumers. Dubbed Gen Z, this new generation consists of those born after 2002. Currently, the eldest members of Gen Z are ready to exert their full financial